XETA Genesis: Bryder konsistenskløften mellem tradFi og DeFi

XETA Genesis: TradFi Consistency In DeFi

XETA Genesis has unveiled its pioneering solution to bridge the gap between Traditional Finance (TradFi) and Decentralized Finance (DeFi), offering the consistency of TradFi returns to the DeFi market.

What Is XETA Genesis?

XETA Genesis is the first Web3 utility that seamlessly bridges DeFi with TradFi, providing a way for DeFi users to start earning 20% monthly returns with consistency. This project offers an innovative way to connect TradFi returns for Web3 users, allowing DeFi users to benefit from the consistency of TradFi without the volatility that comes with DeFi.

How Are The Returns Generated?

The returns provided by XETA Genesis are generated by a team of highly skilled traders who use a range of trading strategies to integrate high-risk management and proven trading techniques. The fund has a past performance of up to 400% per annum and has already paid out a total of $44.8 million in returns to date. The firm also integrates artificial intelligence to analyze market data and minimize loss.

Investment Options

XETA Genesis offers two avenues to get involved – Membership Accounts and Pools. Membership Accounts provide a 20% return on 28-day cycles, with three investment tiers: $250, $500, or $1000. On the other hand, XETA Genesis Pools have a range of investment options starting from $10,000, providing a monthly return ranging from 5% to 20%.

Should You Get Involved?

With the potential to earn consistent returns while hedging against downside risk in the volatile DeFi markets, XETA Genesis provides an opportunity for diversification and a passive income for DeFi users. The project’s accounts are still open, but they won’t be available for too long, so it’s advisable to sign up quickly before access becomes restricted.

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Overall, XETA Genesis brings the best of both worlds by offering the consistency of TradFi returns to the DeFi market, making it a rare opportunity for DeFi users to tap into traditional finance markets with innovative Web3 utility. So, now there is a possibility to earn consistently in the world of DeFi.

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