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Kinesiske firmaer og banker samarbejder om ny digital yuan-finansieringsløsning til forsyningskæden

Chinese firms and commercial banks are collaborating on new digital yuan supply chain financing solutions. JD Technology, the IT services arm of e-commerce giant, has developed a smart contract solution in conjunction with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC). Both JD and ICBC have been working with the central People’s Bank of China (PBoC) on the e-CNY pilot for several years.

The companies plan to release a comprehensive and programmable supply chain financing solution that utilizes digital CNY smart contract technology. This solution will offer a range of services for first-time corporate digital yuan users, including online wallet opening, fund supervision, and more efficient financing controls.

The companies will showcase the solution at an international trade fair in Beijing next month. The tool aims to improve settlement efficiency, traceability, and security. It is expected to enhance verification, risk identification, and credit guarantees for small, medium, and micro enterprises. The solution will also provide improved trust for financial institutions.

The event will be held at Beijing’s Shougang Park from September 2-6. Other companies are expected to exhibit their own B2B and trade financing-related CBDC solutions at the fair. has been working closely with the PBoC’s Digital Currency Research Institute on the adoption of the digital yuan. The company started accepting digital yuan payments from pilot zone residents in 2020. Currently, nearly 15 million people are using the CBDC to buy goods on the platform, with almost 20 million CBDC wallets opened to date. The company has observed a compound annual growth rate of new e-CNY users exceeding 100%. Over $412 million worth of CBDC transactions have been processed on JD’s platform.

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JD Technology will use the trade fair as an opportunity to showcase multiple e-CNY application scenarios for retail consumers, industries, financial institutions, and local government organs. Additionally, has partnered with several banks for giveaways to encourage e-CNY adoption. CBDC tokens and seasonal discount coupons have been distributed in pilot zone cities. is also developing CBDC solutions for city governments in the pilot zone. The company has created a digital yuan software as a service (SaaS) platform that provides one-stop services, including digital yuan payment access and marketing promotion solutions, for government organs and financial services providers.

The digital yuan’s adoption drive in Hong Kong has reportedly boosted cross-border payments between the territory and mainland China. is actively working on e-CNY solutions in Hong Kong alongside the Bank of China.

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